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Keeping Them Together Fund

DBCHS provides financial grants for pets and their families needing critical veterinary care.


If you need financial assistance for a one-time procedure to keep your pet healthy and at home, read on to see if you qualify for a Keeping Them Together grant of up to $500.




  • A veterinarian must have seen pets within the past two weeks, and the veterinarian has determined the pet has a life-threatening or critical care condition.

  • Pets must have a good prognosis with the recommended treatment.

  • Pet owners must present proof of residency in Boyle County.

  • Pet owners must show proof of denial from Care Credit.




  • Initial exam/consultation fees

  • Routine or non-emergency care (i.e., Vaccines, Spay/Neuter, Cruciate ligament tears, etc.)

  • Services or treatment performed prior to approval from DBCHS.  

  • Conditions requiring ongoing treatment (i.e., Diabetes, Addison’s disease, Heart disease, etc.)

  • Conditions with a poor or unfavorable prognosis (i.e., kidney failure, etc.)

  • Please note that DBCHS can only assist each household one time. 


If you believe your circumstance meets qualifications, please complete the application here and contact Kari at with any questions. 


Once your application is received, a committee representing DBCHS will review your application and determine if financial assistance will be awarded.


You will hear back from a DBCHS representative via email within seven days, and the procedure must be completed within 30 days of your approval. 


DBCHS's financial assistance is available once per household/person for up to $500. If funding is approved for your pet, DBCHS will make payment directly to the veterinarian performing the agreed-upon services.


While DBCHS may contribute financial support for your animal's medical needs, DBCHS is not liable for the animal in any way, including but not limited to medical or veterinary complications that may occur.

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