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Help save lives!

5 Ways to Help Community Cats

1.  Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Our friends at have championed TNR for 30 years for a reason! It is the only humane and effective approach to community cats, and everyone can and should do it. They have an in-depth guide to get you started at


2. Become a community cat caregiver. Nothing beats a one-on-one relationship with a community cat. Cat caregivers provide community cats with regular food, water, and outdoor shelter—and get a lot of love and fulfillment in return. They’ll help you get started, or brush up on cat caregiver best practices, at

3. Leave Them Be. When you find young kittens outdoors, the best way you can help in most cases is to allow them to stay with their mother in their outdoor home. Even if you don’t see her, their mother is likely nearby, and she is their best caregiver. You can help the whole family by providing outdoor cats with food, water, an outdoor shelter, and a watchful pair of eyes. Learn more at

4. Have a Kitten Care Kit ready.  Though most kittens outdoors don’t need us to intervene, some DO need our hands-on help. For example, kittens who don’t have their mother with them. By building a Kitten Care Kit based on our guidelines, you can stay prepared to provide lifesaving care. Get started at

5. Build an outdoor cat shelter. Even if you aren’t caring for community cats, you can build shelters and donate them to rescue groups or other caregivers in your area. Alley Cat Allies has a gallery of outdoor shelter options and ways to build your own as a project, at

Homeless animals. Group homeless kittens

Check out 25 more ideas here, from our good friends at Alley Cat Allies.

Call DBCHS @ 859.238.1117 or email us for information on our Community Cat Spay/Neuter Program.

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