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Losing a pet is stressful, and finding one can be, too!

Things to know: Most dogs are loose in their own neighborhood, and the vast majority of “stray” cats aren’t actually lost – they simply live indoors and outdoors – and will make their way home on their own.  

Please check for ID tags and/or have the pet scanned for a microchip at a local veterinary clinic to see if it has an owner that it can be reunited with right away.

If the animal has no ID tags or microchip, here are some things to try before you bring the dog to the shelter:

1. Search the listings on and/or create a free alert on (above)


2. Check the listings on Lost/Stray Pets housed at Boyle County Animal Control/DBCHS.

3. Check the Lost and Found Pets of Lincoln/Garrard/Boyle Kentucky & surrounding areas 

4. Call Boyle County Animal Control at 859.238.1117 to file a lost or found report and email us at

5. Check neighboring counties in case someone unknowingly transported your  lost pet to another county shelter

​We hope you are reunited soon!

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